With the theme of Bonsai and its surroundings, we are developing a product that allows you to freely combine bonsai, bowls, and pedestal in accordance with the space where bonsai is placed and the image you want to create. 「盆栽とそのまわり」をテーマに、盆栽を置くスペースや演出したいイメージに合わせて、盆栽・器・台座を自由に組み合わせることができるプロダクトを展開します。

Bonsai is one of Japan's traditional cultures, and it is very profound in which the Japanese spirit is rooted.The charm of bonsai is that you can feel the four seasons in Japan.Growing moss and plants and making bowls.The process of shaping stone and wood flowers is all done by the staff.

The Japan Collection

We're very fortunate to have a great collection of Japanese art available.